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Antique Railroad Pocket Watch Serviced Elgin B W Raymond 10K GF Case with Stand


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Product Description

Antique Railroad Elgin B.W RAYMOND, 10 k Gold Filled case with Solid Wood stand 

****The watch (circa 1919) 

Size 16 with 19 jewels Railroad Grade movement, keeping excellent time

Serviced in July 2016 and Guaranteed for one year starting from the date of purchase

Lever set (pull lever to set time) and stem wind, very clean dial with no hairlines or cracks

10k gold filled (10 years) original case in excellent condition with the ELGIN RR engraved just below the stem (please see pictures)

Screw-in front and back cover in very good condition no gold loss whatsoever; with the usual light wear to back cover from normal use

****The Display Stand

Fine custom made, strong and sturdy with solid brass knobs and double wooden base which makes it very unique, elegant and still very traditional.

Height:  10 cm, Diameter: 10 cm

*** This is a great pocket watch, very collectable and an excellent investment especially in this condition.


All our pocket watches are serviced and come with one year guarantee too; to service a pocket watch can cost you approx £90 to £150 and much more if parts are to be replaced.  Not many horologist do offer one year guarantee which is very important in my opinion, especially when you are buying an antique pocket watch relying on a mechanism built over 100 years ago which needs to be serviced, maintained and in full working order to be considered as a good investment.

“Thanks again for looking; if you need any further details please get in touch”


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