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Antique Pocket Watch Serviced Lady Elgin 17 Jewels 14k Gold Filled Case Set


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Product Description

  1. Very Rare 17 jewels Lady Elgin Antique Pocket Watch 14k Gold Filled Case with Vacant Cartouche. (Circa 1911)
  2. Fancy 14k Gold Filled Pocket Watch Chain Set (Circa late 1800s)
  3. Victorian Gilt Hand Painted Perfume Bottle Fob (Circa late 1800s)
  4. Extra Large Mannequin Display Stand with Old 4mm Glass Dome
  5. Gift Set Packaging (please see Picture 1)

The Watch: circa 1911

“Rarer by the day” Circa 1911 in superb condition inside and out

Beautiful 17 Jewels Damaskeen movement in excellent condition

Pendant set and wind

105 Years Old that looks so great with very little sign of use (hardly used)

Serviced, runs great, Strong tick and keeping excellent time (the exact time) over 30+ hours
Beautiful Extra Fine Porcelain Dial with blue numerical numbers (please see pictures)

Very clean 14k two Tones white/Yellow Gold Filled J-Boss Case in superb condition with vacant cartouche ready for engraving

Comes With:

– Victorian Gilt Hand painted Perfume Bottle Fob circa late 1800s

Beautifully hand painted Gilt metal fob that can be attached to the Watch Chain

– Fancy Victorian 14k Gold Filled watch Chain circa late 1800s

In excellent Condition without no loss of gold, scratches or damage

Comes complete with Belt clip and matching fob


– The Display Stand and Dome; Extra Large, 4mm Thick Glass

Custom made using quality materials,

Attractive design using vintage hand painted solid wood display mannequin

Strong and traditional design; handmade with double base solid wood

Solid brass plaque, vacant and ready for engraving

Comes with solid brass knobs and clear hand blown Old glass dome

Height 26 cm, Diameter 20 cm, Glass Dome Thickness 4mm

Our comments:

I have been collecting pocket watches, fobs and chains for over 15 years, this set is one of the top sets for many reasons; 

The simple attractive design with the ivory colour dial, the blue numerical numbers give it a warm feel and being 17 jewels lady pocket watch from the year 1911 is very rare; especially in this condition, with this case and Chain.


All our pocket watches are serviced and come with one year guarantee to; to service a pocket watch can cost you approx £90 to £150 and much more if parts are to be replaced.  Not many horologist do offer one year guarantee which is very important in my opinion, especially when you are buying an antique pocket watch relying on a mechanism built over 100 years ago which needs to be serviced, maintained and in full working order to be considered as a good investment.

One year Guaranty starting from the date of purchase 

Free Delivery Royal Mail Express 24 fast and secure delivery.

“Thanks again for looking; if you need any further details please get in touch”



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