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Antique J W Benson The Ludgate Pocket Watch Serviced with Chain, Fob and Dome


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Product Description

  1. Antique Solid Silver  J.W Benson “The Ludgate” Circa 1895 – Hallmarked for London with the letter “U” – Weighs 129.5 grams 
  2. Rare solid silver Masonic Brotherhood Fob Circa 1925 – Hallmarked for Birmingham Town with the letter “A” – Weighs 28.8 grams
  3. Antique Albert Chain circa 1875 – Hallmarked for Birmingham town with the letter “u” – Weighs 33.5 grams
  4. Display Dome Set with double solid wood base, solid brass knobs and hand blown glass 

The Watch:

Beautiful Movement by J.W Benson the Ludgate In superb condition keeping excellent time over 28 hours+

Hallmarked by the assay office for London with the Lion passant and the letter “U” for the year 1895

  1. Solid Silver original case, dial and hands
  2. In superb working order and looks great
  3. Just been professionally serviced by horologist/watchmaker August 2016
  4. The movement is in an amazing condition, even before the service it had this wonderful shine, a sign of being well maintained by the previous owner
  5. Keeping excellent time over 28+ hours, exact time.
  6. Beautiful Solid Silver case, in very good condition, the original case for the watch. With normal wear for age
  7. Watch weighs 129.5 grams

The Albert Chain

  • Antique Solid Silver Albert Chain circa 1875  with T-Bar and  2 x clasps (one additional clasp added to attach the Fob; easy to replace)
  • Lion passant stamped on each link. Hallmarked for London with the letter “u” for the year 1875
  • Weighs 33.5 grams. In very Good Condition

The Fob:

–    Rare, Heavy and beautiful Masonic Brotherhood Fob Circa 1925

–    Hallmarked for Birmingham Town with the letter “A” for the year 1925

–    On the back engraved with BRO F.C Brew No 3472

–    Weighs 28.8 grams

The Dome Stand

Large hand blown glass dome, fine custom made, strong and sturdy with solid brass knob and double wooden base which makes it very unique, elegant and still very traditional.

Height: 22.5 cm; Diameter: 15.5 cm


All our pocket watches are serviced and come with one year guarantee to; to service a pocket watch can cost you approx £90 to £150 and much more if parts are to be replaced.  Not many horologist do offer one year guarantee which is very important in my opinion, especially when you are buying an antique pocket watch relying on a mechanism built over 100 years ago which needs to be serviced, maintained and in full working order to be considered as a good investment.

The One year Guaranty will start on the date of purchase 

Free Delivery Royal Mail Express 24 fast and secure delivery

“Thanks again for looking; if you need any further details please get in touch”


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