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Antique Clock Serviced 8 Day Wesminster Chime with 1 year guarantee


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Product Description

Wonderful British SMITHS & ENFIELD 8-day antique clock circa 1930-1940, Westminster chime.

Serviced last year Aug 2015 and guaranteed for one year.

  • Supplied with original key and in excellent working order.
  • Very collectable especially in this condition.
  • Beautiful sound, adjusted to perfection and keeping excellent time since the last service just under a year ago.
  • The beautifully inlaid case is in its original condition, simply well maintained.
  • The Dial is in very good condition with one single shine mark between 12 and one o’clock; Hardly visible depending on light reflection.
  • The movement is in excellent condition with two settings at 3 o’clock “chime” and “silent”.
  • The Westminster chime sounds really amazing, very clear with a gentle echo that really takes you back in time. The way it should be, hitting the right notes with great clarity and precision.

Sometimes during transport clocks can lose time accuracy, we will make sure the clock is well packaged to avoid this. What if if does happen?

Adjusting the clock is simple; we will provide you with all the relevant details, as well as how to maintain the clock. 

If you feel you want us to guide you through the process please get in touch and we are happy to assist. We will give you all the time you need to understand the process and get your clock running accurately.


All our clocks are serviced and come with one year guarantee to; to service a  clock with three key winding holes can cost you approx £180 and much more if parts are to be replaced.  Not many horologist do offer one year guarantee which is very important in my opinion, especially when you are buying an antique clock relying on a mechanism built over 70  years ago which needs to be serviced, maintained and in full working order to be considered as a good investment.

One year Guaranty starting from the date of purchase 

Free Delivery Royal Mail Express 24 fast and secure delivery.


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